NaNuSci Spirulina (160 tablets)

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NET CONTENT: 40 grams (approx. 160 pcs. x 250mg. of PURE NaNuSci Spirulina tablets)


Recommended: 12 tablets per day (3 grams)

  • *4 tablets: 30 minutes before breakfast
  • *4 tablets: 30 minutes after lunch
  • *4 tablets: Before bedtime

Minimum: 4 tablets per day (1 gram)


*Individuals under drug treatment should secure approval from their physician prior to consumption of this food supplement.
*Discontinue use for two (2) weeks prior to surgery.

1 gram of NaNuSci Spirulina tablets is equivalent to 1 kilo of fresh fruits and vegetables in terms of nutrients.

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Food Registration Number: 3000007376554

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